Published: 30 January 2015 / Written by Super User / Category: Photography / Hits: 174

A Lifelong Love of Wildlife Photography Begins


Ibex. Chamois. Ermine. Grouse. Red foxes. As a teen, Stefano Unterthiner spent countless hours observing these animals in Gran Paradiso National Park, an hour or so drive from his home in Italy. His uncle Paolo, a passionate nature lover and photography buff, would take hikes with his best friend, Luciano, a park ranger, and invite Stefano along. Together they explored the forests and valleys of this pristine piece of the Italian Alps, looking for wild animals to photograph.

Stefano’s first wildlife pictures were taken with an old film camera Paolo lent him. “I really fell in love with nature in that park. I really fell in love with photography in that park.” These experiences had a strong impact on his decision to study the natural sciences and eventually earn a Ph.D. in zoology before committing full time to wildlife photography. “It was a very special area … like my little Yellowstone,” he says.