The Bamboo Cycles

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One of the most flexible features of Symmetry is the ability to switch of the full width mode. If you would like to fix the width of your site and not have the slider edge to edge with the browser and would.

The Baboo Cycles theme boasts spacious layouts, block colors, bold typography with a minimal user interface that endures trends with simplicity and style. Content is divided into large customizable blocks giving you the freedom

Adjust layout, color, typography and UI elements to represent your brand with boldness and clarity.

Intelligent Bamboo Cycles

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Bamboo Cycles

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Templates control the look and feel of your website. This blog is installed with the Protostar template. You can edit the options by clicking on the Working on Your Site, Template Settings link in the top menu (visible when you login). For example you can change the site background color, highlights color, site title, site […]

Your Modules

Your site has some commonly used modules already preconfigured. These include: Image Module which holds the image beneath the menu. This is a Custom HTML module that you can edit to change the image. Blog Roll. which lets you link to other blogs. We’ve put in two examples, but you’ll want to change them. When […]

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